Does your data speak to you?

We use deep learning to give it a voice.

Introduce state-of-the-art AI into your business

Let us worry about your technical innovation and keep you from ripping your hair out.


Find insights that would otherwise be overlooked. Software is not yet truly intelligent, but it can now adapt to changes and train itself.


Google, Facebook, and Paypal are just of the many companies that have implemented deep learning solutions into their software.


Markets are constantly changing. Technology develops at a compound rate. We are constantly researching novel methods so you can maintain your technical edge.

Bring together academia and industry

Have peace of mind that your innovation is in the hands of a research driven team.

We believe in experimentation and constant learning.

As such, we cooperate with AGH, the premier engineering university of Poland. This has given us a sandbox to experiment in. We also teach a deep learning course at the University. This helps students pursue careers in fields they will help create.

Just some of the things we do

Sentiment analysis can provide insights into what your customer is actually thinking.

How the customer feels is more important than what the analytics say. Sentiment analysis gives you the meaning of entire sentences, paragraphs or other groups of text. It can also give you the tone and stance of the author. This carries over into analyzing social media posts, blogs reviews, and anything else text related.

Minimize your stress about the unknown.

Overlooking irregularities in your business can result in missed opportunities.

The humen element, scaled up

People can tell what doesn't fit, but would have trouble doing so with a large data set.

Machine intelligence

Machines can, for example, automatically identify fraud, medical diagnoses, or changes in market conditions.

Give your customer exactly what they want.

Deep learning provides state of the art solutions for recommender systems. Especially when taking into account the content, they prove themselves as a superior solution to content agnostic methods.

Our primary focus is on a branch of machine learning called deep learning.


Restricted Boltzmann Machines, Deep autoencoders, Deep belief networks, Convolutional neural networks


Caffe, deeplearning4j, Theano, Python, Scala


Clusters of GPU's and CPU's

Meet the Team

We are a research driven team with a passion for making academic research into practical solutions.

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Andrzej Brożek

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Mateusz Opala

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Data Scientist

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