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Stop treating AI as a buzzword

The AI software market will be worth a whopping $59.8 billion globally by 2025*. Learn how to implement Machine Learning in real use cases in only three weeks.

Proven expertise

Our guaranteed 4:1 student ratio gives your team the capability to start working with ML from day one.


Practical exercises

Gain hands-on experience and knowledge how to applicate Machine Learning in your work.

*According to report by Tractica

The future is already here. Make sure you’re ready for it.

Machine Learning is our passion. We are devoted to making this field accessible to people at all levels. We don’t believe in stupid questions - we’ll gladly guide you to the answers you’re seeking.
Users group

4:1 ratio Our 4:1 student ratio guarantees you the capability to start working with ML from day one.


Guidance Tired of googling for ways to complete an exercise? We provide one-on-one consultations with our facilitators to help guide you in discovering solutions.


Knowledge Don’t waste your time with raw theory and meaningless tasks. Our workshops consist of both theory and practice.


Experience Our facilitators are experienced engineers who engage with ML on a daily basis. Machine Learning is not only our job, it’s our passion. We are eager to share our knowledge with you.


Training Move beyond merely listening to lectures and start understanding. Every participant is supplied with a jupyter notebook for individual exercises in each module.

Coming Soon in May: Intro to Machine Learning with Keras

The workshops take place on the weekends for full flexibility. Join us and learn how to start applying one of the most cutting-edge technologies of the 21st century.

First weekend

Day One

  1. Intro to Python - 6 hours
    • Basics
    • Data structures, iterators, generators
    • Classes
    • File operations, serialization

Day Two

  1. Python in Machine Learning - 4 hours
    • NumPy
    • OpenCV
  2. Intro to Machine Learning - 2 hours

Second weekend

Day Three

  1. Machine Learning with Keras - 6 hours
    • Regression
    • Classification
    • Neural Networks

Day Four

  1. Common problems - 4 hours
    • Data Preprocessing
    • Underfitting/Overfitting
    • Regularization
  2. Transfer learning - 2 hours

... more workshops coming soon!

Technologies used by professionals

Scikit learn

Get the best of the best

Machine Learning is our passion. We’re committed to taking the mystique and confusion out of ML and making it accessible to businesses all around the globe. That’s why we bring our most experienced team and ardent champions to facilitate our workshops.


Meet your facilitators

Michal bigaj

Michał Bigaj

Machine Learning Engineer

Has three years of experience working with Machine Learning. Specialist in data visualization.

Joanna gajda

Joanna Gajda

Machine Learning Engineer

More than three years of experience working with Machine Learning. Specialist in weakly labeled data.

Maciej warchol

Maciej Warchoł

Machine Learning Engineer

Has been working with Artificial Intelligence since 2015. Has substantial experience in object detection.

Here's what they're saying about us


I left really knowing how to implement ML in my work.

Konrad Muchowicz

iOS developer

"The workshops equipped me with tools that I use in my work every day. Craftinity puts a heavy emphasis on participants actually being able to apply knowledge in their work, which was great. I also really appreciated that they customized the material to our particular business context of mobile app development. I highly recommend their workshops and facilitators."


What participants enjoyed most were the hands-on labs giving a flavor of AI engineering work.

FMCG Company

Listed on Fortune 500

"The Machine Learning workshop was tailored to our expectations and delivered on short notice. It was truly a crash course in Machine Learning & Deep Learning, with a lot of content packed into two days. What participants enjoyed most were the hands-on labs giving a flavor of AI engineering work. Craftinity sent a team of trainers who were clearly enthusiasts and practitioners of AI, not just professional instructors – which was a plus for me. Our team now understands much better what problems can be addressed with Artificial Intelligence, what skills are required and what kind of technology we need to start with."


I loved how hands-on everything I learned was.

Filip Radoń

Android developer

"The team structured the information in a way that it allowed me to use it my work right way. I enjoy workshops, but they tend to be detached from everyday problems. Craftinity's Machine Learning workshop is different. They take our use cases into consideration and tailor the content accordingly. I would definitely sign up again. The guys at Craftinity really know what they're doing."

The annual demand for the fast-growing roles of data scientist, data developers, and data engineers will reach nearly 700,000 openings by 2020*

Do you want to become one of them?


*According to "The Quant Crunch" paper by Burning Glass TechnologiesTractica