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Similar dresses search and color detection system

  • Completed on: 2015-07-31
  • Technologies: Python / Caffe / ConvNets
  • Client: Allani

Project Info:

Allani is a fashion shopping aggregator with whom we developed a content based image search. With Allani’s high volume of first time visitors, the user history data proved unreliable to provide product recommendations. We solved the problem by building a search engine powered by neural networks.

Allani is a your one stop shop for your fashion needs. Our stylists bring together clothes from hundreds of different brands to make sure your look represents you. We did however have a problem with recommending products to new clients. Craftinity's deep learning approach was able to stylistically recommend the most similar products from our immense product offering. We are not only happy with the state of things, but are looking to expand the scope of our relationship. Having worked with Craftinity for over a year now, I can definitely say that they have been an immensely positive influence on our company.

Mateusz Romanowski Allani